Boat trip from Diessenhofen via Stein am Rhein to Höri peninsula
Rhine Ship
Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein

Boat Trip From Diessenhofen Via Stein Am Rhein To Höri Peninsula

Itinerary No. : 2144

Indicative Price : 50.00 EUR

Conditions : Price depends on the package and the group size. For the boat ticket incl. bike you have to calculate 22,5 SFR one way.
Tour can be modified.
Further options visit of Otto Dix and Hermann Hesse mansion.
Going the complete Höri tour by bike about 50 kms.
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A day trip from Gailingen by boat to Stein am Rhein, and then by bike to Höri peninsula at Lake Constance. With some interesting options for the evening.

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Supplier Detail : Nomaquito we are outfitters for long-distance travel and operators of this platform. If you would like to get to know the beautiful area on the Upper Rhine and Lake Constance bordering Switzerland and the Black Forest with us, we would be happy to make you an offer. Plan with us, whether it's just a short hike, a bike tour or a longer stay with arrival and pick-up.

Day 1
Travel (Ship)
12:00 AM
Stein am Rhein Strandbad, Hemishoferstrasse, Stein am Rhein, 8260
Boarding-Zeit: 12:00 AM  
We will start early in the morning. Riding from our Hotel to Diessenhofen which will bring us to Stein am Rhein. Especially in the morning it is interesting to see all the birds waking up and you will be surprised about this wonderful river. We take some time in the morning to visit the wonderful medieval center of the little city Stein am Rhein.
Travel (Bicycle)
12:00 AM
Strandbad, Gaienhofen, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
Vorfrankiert, , Self Driven 
From Stein am Rhein we continue our ride along the Bodensee Radweg to Höri peninsula passing Öhningen, Wangen, Gaienhofen, Horn where we have lunch in the very scenic restaurant Schlössli (on your own expenses).
On our way back we will have a rest at a little farm to pick some delicious ice cream served by the farmers wife. We will take some time to see some nice and scenic spots on the complete way back.
The ride need good fitness and is about 40 kms. Further option for the evening, if weather is nice you should spend minimum one evening at the Rhine where you also have a self service restaurant and can enjoy the evening and the nice sunset with a beer or some local wine. (On your own expenses)
Accommodation (Hotel)
01:00 AM
Check in Datum:
Check out Datum:
Hotel Rheingold
Overnight at Hotel Rheingold, Gailingen
Day 2
Meals (Breakfast)
7:00 AM
Name des Restaurants:
Hotel Rheingold
After breakfast, enjoy another day tour with Nomaquito. Make your choice.
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Boat trip from Diessenhofen via Stein am Rhein to Höri peninsula,Gailingen,Diessenhofen,1364,,Stein am Rhein Strandbad,Hemishoferstrasse,Stein am Rhein,8260,Schaffhausen,Switzerland,Gaienhofen,Baden Wurttemberg,Germany,Hotel Rheingold,Hauptstraße 21,78262,1356

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