Visit and Training Believe Football Academy of Gambia
Believe Football Academy Gambia ©Sulayman Bah
Believe Football Academy Gambia ©Sulayman Bah
Believe Football Academy Gambia ©Sulayman Bah

Visit And Training Believe Football Academy Of Gambia

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Believe Football Academy. This is a voluntary organisation set up by the collective spirit of youths who are deeply committed to seeing meaningful changes to the lives of the people in football. As an institutional structure, BFA will stand firmly by the values of forward looking innovative skill strategies to improve the health and socio economic standards of the people through popular participation.

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Banjul, Lamin

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Have you ever played football in Gambia?

Here we go! Visit the Believe Football Academy of Gambia together with their trainer Sulayman Bah!
Have fun and see how kids, teenagers and young adults get ready for their next matches and possibly
also prepare for their careers in local or international teams.
The day tour also includes a boat trip from Banjul to the training ground along the Gambia Delta and a
Barbecue and fresh garden vegetables together with the residents of the area.
We look forward to every donation - money, sportswear, jerseys, shoes ...
Believe Football Academy are registered for more than 6 years both as a football academy and a charitable foundation. We are mandated to involve in socio-economic development in different community warding from agriculture, teaching schools, health workers and sports coaches for our community and country with a vision in different community projects to eradicate poverty and promote talents and help young people reach their dreams.
We are involved in many community services making roads accessible for cars, community cleaning of graves and hospitals. We also aim to build the first community radio and agricultural solar power cooling storage as 40% of their harvest spoils due to cool storage problems and a community skill center to train most drop out of school to learn a profession. We are seeking for international stakeholders in the various community warding to partner, sponsors, volunteering and cooperation.


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Supplier Detail : Smile with us offers well organized, hassle free holiday tours, Birdwatching & Nature, bush and beach, tourist trips and historical and cultural excursions throughout The Gambia. Our escorted tours are worry-free and hassle-free, as all the details are handled for you. We are Gambian Eco tourism specialists offering all types of Eco tourist day trips, Eco holiday tours, bush and beach safaris and ethical travel excursions in Gambia, Senegal and West Africa Beside this as Sulayman Bah I'm licensed as football coach by national football federation and I am the founder of the Believe Football Academy which is a charitable organisation and Academy. Have you ever played football in Gambia join us for a training as part of your holidays! It will mean great fun for all and will support our organisation as well.

Day 1
Travel (Cruise)
12:00 AM
Believe Football Academy
Believe Football Academy, Banjul, Banjul, Gambia
Boarding-Zeit: 12:00 AM  
Having a great day with the Believe Football Academy of Gambia. We will pick you early in the morning at your hotel and bring you by 3 hours boat ride  from the Gambia river Delta to the Atlantic where the playgrounds of the Believe Football Academy are located.  Depending on your intentions we will show you the projects of the academy, you can join our training, visit and talk to our young talents. Later you will experience the local live with a barbecue and fresh cooked food from the gardens. In the evening we will bring you back to your hotel.
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Visit and Training Believe Football Academy of Gambia,Banjul,Lamin,Gambia